Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family

Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family A Mum Reviews

Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family

A family home should be something that celebrates everybody, not just what you or your partner wants. Sure, you’ve spent years watching home improvement and interior design programs, but too often, these don’t reflect who you are. Instead, they are nothing more than something that reflects current trends. While they may look good (really good, even), and stylish, and modern, they aren’t something that celebrates or represents who you and your family are. If you want to show off every aspect of your family, you need to create a home that does it for you.

Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family A Mum Reviews

  • Fun and Games

A house that appears fun is something that will make guests enjoy being over for tea or playdates. You don’t need to turn it into a funhouse, though, but instead use unique ways to decorate each room that makes it stand out.

Most people will, understandably, have family photos covering the walls, but you can go a step further. Things like Printed photo Puzzles give your family a fun evening to spend time together and complete a puzzle that reminds you of a particular day, and you can frame it and hang it on the wall once you’re finished. It’s better than keeping it in the box for the rest of your lives, and it gives you a chance to bond.

A Mum Reviews

  • Cute Decor 

Puzzles aren’t the only way to decorate your house, though. You can also fill rooms with cute decors, such as your kids’ artwork that they have created at school.

For younger children, this is a fantastic way to encourage them, and you can even create gallery-esque styles. If they are older, you can still bring holiday-specific work out every year. Maybe they have done Christmas or Easter crafts at school, so while it isn’t necessary to keep them out all-year-round, you can save them for the special occasions, even if they feel embarrassed when you do.

  • Show Off What You Love

Every family has something that they all love. Perhaps it’s music, perhaps its football, or maybe it’s travel. Whatever it is, though, you can stamp your claim on your house by filling empty shelves and wall space with examples and souvenirs.

People don’t always enjoy you talking about your hobbies and passions, at least not all day long so they can’t get a word in. Rather than fill people’s ears with all this information, you can instead fill your home with examples of things you love. It shows off who your family is straight away and it adds a unique quirk to your home that you can’t get from mass-produced ornaments.

A Mum Reviews

  • Get Everyone’s Input 

You may have a vision in mind for decorating your home, but you are not the only person who lives in the house. There is also your partner, kids, and your pets, so you must engage with them to get an idea of how they want the house to look.

Not all suggestions will work, of course, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to install a slide directly from your child’s room to the living room. However, you can get their opinion about furniture, room layout, the size of the TV, and much, much more. Designing a home that everyone wants will make everybody feel more comfortable getting home and relaxing over the weekend, and that’s precisely what a home should be.

  • More Than Pink and Blue

When you find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, the immediate ideas for decorating their room go to two colours: blue and pink. But it’s the 21sdt century, and there are many, many more colours than just blue and pink for you to decorate the room with.

Different colours promote different energies, and you can take advantage of this to create a classy and sophisticated room style that’s still suitable for kids. Greens and natural colours will evoke an ‘outside’, which could inspire a love for the great outdoors, and as these colours are considered more ‘mature’, you won’t need to spend much on redecorating.

Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family A Mum Reviews

  • Space to Play

While their bedroom seems like the perfect place for kids to play in, you should also take advantage of spare rooms if you have them. This will give them space where they can let their imagination run wild while also keeping down the mess in the rest of the house.

It will also help them sleep better, as they won’t associate their bedroom with play and have all of the distractions that come with toys and video games. Not every household has the space for a playroom, but if you do, you can create a timeless space for your kids to play.

  • Embrace the Mess

Kids are messy. There is nothing you or anyone else can do about that. The problem comes from spending all the time, energy, and money on creating a sophisticated and adult home. Kids don’t really allow this to happen.

They will spill paint and drinks or draw on the walls. When this occurs, it’s easy to get stressed out and even upset, but it can add a homey feel. If you have kids, especially younger kids, you shouldn’t buy the most delicate furniture you can find, but instead something you don’t mind being slightly messy. Let them do crafts on the table, and make any leftover mess part of what makes the house a home.

Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family A Mum Reviews

  • A Place For You and Your Partner

While dedicated kids rooms are useful for keeping the rest of the house tidy, you also want somewhere you and your partner can relax, have a few drinks and spend some quality time together.

The kitchen can be a place for the whole family, but perhaps the dining room is somewhere that only you can entertain. Doing so creates boundaries within the home, and it gives you one less thing to worry about when it comes to getting ready for a dinner party.

  • Somewhere For Everybody

There should also be somewhere for the whole family to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company. Typically, this is the living room, but family rooms are also a great way to bond with one another.

In these rooms, you can play games, watch movies, read together, or sit and chat. Fill the room with comfortable pillows and enough space to sprawl out and relax, and you will find yourselves coming up with any excuse to hang out there and relax.

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  • Looking Lived In

The longer you live in your home, the more it will look lived in. Some don’t like this. They want every part of the house to be pristine and neat and tidy. However, when your kids move out, you will realise that you wished you’d let them mars and marks be more prevalent around the house.

A home that looks lived in is more comfortable, and while you don’t want damage to make each room look like a hurricane came rushing through, it can provide a more welcoming atmosphere. People will feel relaxed when they come over, and you can also spot little knicks and dents here and there that remind you of the good old days.

Creating a Home That Celebrates Your Family A Mum Reviews

  • Celebrating You 

Your family home is the one place where everyone can be themselves without the risk of judgement or getting funny looks from strangers. Because of this, you should do everything you can to embrace a home that celebrates your family, whether that’s for the kids’ rooms, your room or the family room. Whether it’s dynamic colours, unique decor, or getting input from everybody in the house (including the dog and the cat), you can come back through the door every day feeling like you’re truly home.

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