Do I need to Use a VPN when Working from Home or Remotely?

Do I need to Use a VPN when Working from Home or Remotely?

Do I need to Use a VPN when Working from Home or Working Remotely?

Loads more people are working from home these days due to the pandemic and many will continue to do so even when there’s an option to return to the office.

When working from home or remotely, most of us do so using a computer and the internet and if you’re dealing with any kind of sensitive information that requires the best security or working in public spaces with public Wi-Fi, it is a good idea to consider using a virtual private network – a VPN application.

Do I need to Use a VPN when Working from Home or Remotely?
  • VPN for Employees

If you are employed, this is really something that your employer should provide as it’s for their benefit too that their employees can work on projects safely and keep information private and secure, whether they’re working from home or in the office.

When working on company equipment and important work projects, it’s always important to follow your company’s IT policy. If the VPN you’re using is for your work and provided by your employer, you need to ensure you follow the rules set out by the IT department. A VPN provided by your employer is a great way to have a secure connection that will let you work more securely.

  • VPN for Freelancers

If you’re self-employed, there are VPN options available, and you should definitely consider them when working for yourself. Lots of self-employed people enjoy working in coffee shops and other public spaces but if you do, don’t use their Wi-Fi without a vpn for firefox, or a VPN for whatever provider you use. Public Wi-Fi hotspots (free or paid for) are very convenient but they’re not safe and you have no control over them. If you want to or need to use one, make sure to have VPN on your laptop or mobile device before connecting to protect your data.

  • Which VPN Should I Choose?

Check out PrivacySharks for information on cyber security and online privacy and lots of reviews about the most popular VPN services. There are so many options, and they differ in reliability and privacy policy too. Read reviews and check out information about speed and servers. Generally, it’s best to avoid any free options as most of them are not secure. Do compare prices and offers to see which option is best for your needs.

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Whether you’re working for a company or for yourself, if you’re working remotely or in public spaces, a VPN should be a part of your internet security plan – just like you wouldn’t use the internet without anti-virus software installed on your computer. Keep your work data and personal information safe by using a VPN.

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