Stay Efficient When Working From Home!

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Stay Efficient When Working From Home!

Thousands of people are right now working from home for the very first time, but the majority who are now at home have no idea what they are facing. Sure, it sounds great on paper, but working from home can be difficult, isolating and a pain when the technology that you are using isn’t working in the way that it’s supposed to.

The key to working from home is in efficiency. From better time management to working your deadlines with the right internet connection, you need to think about what you would need to make working from home more efficient for you. Below we’ve got the tips you need to make working from your house a successful thing – not a painful thing!

Stay Efficient When Working From Home!
  • Get up, stand up! No, do not work from your bed. It’s a possibility with a lap table but it’s just not ideal. You lay on your bed to watch movies and scroll TikTok on your phone; not chime in on a Zoom meeting with your boss. You need to get up and get dressed as if you’re heading out for the day. Comfort is key, so you don’t need to suit up, but you do need to look and act professional and most of all, you need to feel it!
  • Get tech-savvy. Working from home is not just about sitting on your laptop. What if you need a webcam to check in on meetings and you don’t have one? Did you know that you can use companies like to get a VoIP setup to connect with people? You have so much technology out there and you need to know what the best thing to do for your business will be. Research what you would need so that you can get your work done without messing up. With the right technology, you’re going to remain efficient and updated with everything going on in your workspace.
Stay Efficient When Working From Home!
  • Add some boundaries. It’s common to have the kids at home right now, so you need to have some working boundaries. If you’re expected to home educate while you work, work out a time schedule with your boss where you can be online and get work done. No one should have to lose their job over the pandemic if there are ways to get around it. Get out of the house once a day and make sure that when it comes to clocking off time, you stick to it!
  • Get a headset. If you have a headset, you can move around while you are dealing with calls. Hands-free is so important when you are working in general, and when you are working from home, you’re going to be able to be more free with your movement. It’s important that you are able to stay connected to your boss, your colleagues and any clients you may need to call. Being at home, it’s so easy to end up not speaking to anyone all day. Being connected will avoid that!

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