Why Every Parent Should Invest in Active Toys

Why Every Parent Should Invest in Active Toys A Mum Reviews

Why Every Parent Should Invest in Active Toys

Let’s face it, these days we’re more likely to see kids expertly working their way around an iPad than we are to see them playing outside.

Active play has declined massively since the technology boom and it’s really starting to take its toll on our children’s development. Here, we’ll look at the real benefits of toys which encourage active play and why every parent should invest in active toys. Why Every Parent Should Invest in Active Toys A Mum Reviews

  • Promoting confidence and happiness

We all want our children to be happy and outgoing, and active play is guaranteed to help. There’s even been a study by the British Heart Foundation which showed active kids are more confident and happier than kids who don’t partake in active play.

Admittedly, the study appears to have mostly looked into the social benefits of group physical activity, but there’s many more which have linked physical activities to happier and healthier kids. Why Every Parent Should Invest in Active Toys A Mum Reviews

  • Aiding in fine and gross motor development

Playing outdoors is especially great for kids as it helps them to boost their fine and gross motor skills. Although it may not seem like it as you glance at your child happily engrossed in the latest “Peppa Pig” episode on YouTube, kids tend to be naturally drawn to playing outside. So, if you invest in outdoor related toys, you’ll find it won’t take much encouragement to get your kid out there having fun.

Of course, there are some activities which are better for a child’s development than others. Swings are ideal for building up muscles and coordination for example. They have to learn how to use their arms and legs to push the swing and propel themselves into the air.

Another great activity which is awesome for helping to build balance and coordination is skating. While typical roller-skates may not be as popular these days, shoe-skates are definitely in. You can find top quality, snazzy Heely’s skate-shoes from companies such as Proline Skates. They’re available for both boys and girls and they’re guaranteed to keep your child active for hours.

Overall, active play is essential for kids and there’s so many cool toys you can invest in to encourage outdoor play. The above are just some of the real benefits active play provides. Even just 10 minutes a day spent on active play can have wonderful positive effects on your child’s health and well-being.

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