How to Feel More Confident

How to Feel More Confident

How to Feel More Confident

Confidence is something that can come and go in waves throughout our lives. Young children are usually quite confident, then self-consciousness hits during the awkward teenage years to hopefully build back up for young adults, heading into the real world of relationships and careers. Some big life events can leave us feeling less confident – the time after having a baby is a very common one for women, for example.

There are lots of little things that you can do to help you feel more confident again and in this article, I’ll go into detail about some of the best ways to achieve this.

How to Feel More Confident
  • Update Your Wardrobe

What you wear can make a huge change to how confident you feel. When you open your wardrobe, what do you see? Do you have lots of choice and plenty of items that you feel happy in or do you have to dig through lots of things to find something you actually enjoy wearing? It’s time to give your wardrobe an update and get rid of the things that you don’t feel good in. These can be things that that don’t fit well, are too worn, don’t suit your current style or that are simply uncomfortable. Sell or donate anything that’s in good condition and take some time to find clothes that make you feel confident. They don’t have to be fancy, just right for your style and comfortable.

How to Feel More Confident

This needs to happen to all areas of your wardrobe – don’t ignore important areas like hosiery, underwear and pyjamas. You are worth the very best and should feel amazing whether you’re in a fancy cocktail dress or in your sleepwear. If you’re in the market for some new underwear or sexy pyjamas, check out IDentity Lingerie who have lots of brilliant options that will make you look and feel amazing. It’s a small family-run brand from Lincolnshire here in the UK and the products are handmade in Europe, ethically made and environmentally friendly.

  • Look After Yourself

What do confident, happy people all have in common? They take care of themselves! They know that they are important and make it a priority to look after themselves. This can mean different things to different people but everyone needs to eat well (mostly healthy with some treats is a good balance!), drink plenty of water, move their bodies and get a decent amount of sleep.

Extras that vary from person to person can be things like going to the gym, hiking, reading, pampering treatments etc. For me, I love a nice relaxing bath and also enjoy doing a proper skincare routine with some luxurious products when I find the time. It always makes me feel more confident when my skin is feeling healthy and my body is more relaxed.

Yoga for good posture
  • Work on your Posture

Another thing that exudes confidence is good posture. It’s so important to how you feel as well. Make a conscious effort to straighten your back and feel the benefits straight away. You’ll instantly look younger and more confident too! If your posture is not naturally good, it’s a great idea to do exercises that strengthen your back and core like yoga and to choose furniture that help you sit ergonomically when you’re working.

  • Surround Yourself with the Right Kind of People

Last, but not least, get rid of any toxic people from your life – they’re not worth your time and are definitely not making you feel happy nor confident. Instead, surround yourself with the right kind of people. You know who they are – the ones that make you smile and laugh, the ones that encourage and support you, the ones you enjoy spending time with. Make time for spending time with them, your real friends, instead. It will boost your happiness and confidence levels so much.

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