How to Grow a Garden Indoors

How to Grow a Garden Indoors

How to Grow a Garden Indoors

An indoor garden provides the most feasible option to city dwellers or those who deal with cold weather to grow their plants. Gardening in your house counts as a hobby, provides numerous health benefits, improves the aesthetic of your indoor space, and can also provide your family with profound yummy, organic foods.

Are you ready to try indoor gardening? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to grow and start an indoor garden.

How to Grow a Garden Indoors
  • Decide which plants you want to grow

Before you start growing your indoor garden, you need a plan of the plants you will grow. Taking into consideration the amount of room you require, your source of light, and the plants you will want to grow. These will help you to be able to maintain your growing conditions and have a successful indoor garden.

Not to worry, there are some unkillable houseplants out there that you can start with before you find the courage to add other plants to your garden. Vegetables and herbs are also excellent plants that can be beneficial to you.

How to Grow a Garden Indoors
  • Choose the medium of growth

Soil is the most common way to grow plants; however, hydroponic gardens are increasingly becoming popular as a medium of plant growth. Soil anchors the plants, it is a reservoir for nutrients and water, and has airspaces for oxygen exchange. Whereas hydroponic uses freshwater to provide oxygen and nutrients.

Deciding on whether to use soil or hydroponic system boils down to your growing space and price point.

Basil Herbs
  • Settle for your space

Plants require light to photosynthesize and the best location for your indoor garden is the space with the best light.

If your indoor garden has zero sunlight you can opt for artificial light that will simulate daylight and are available in various designs. You can boost sunshine in your location by using reflective or white surfaces which will bounce the light back to the plants.

Plants Flowers
  • Plant those transplants, scraps, or seeds

It is time to plant your indoor garden.

If you are using seeds, consider the ones with a high germination rate. Look for the estimated size that the plant will grow after it is fully grown, and if it is too big, it is not a good choice.

You can score transplants from the nearby local garden or plant using food scraps that will grow to fully developed plants.

Watering plants
  • Water your indoor garden

This is the fun part about the indoor garden.

How much water as well as how often you water your plants depends on the plant’s age and its growing conditions. A good rule of thumb is always to ensure that the soil is never dry when you stick your finger in. 

Just so you know, tap water is perfectly fine for watering plants.

How to Grow a Garden Indoors

Final thoughts

You don’t need to be a plant master to successfully grow a garden indoors.

Just practice, take your time, and don’t call it quits when your plants dry. Part of the learning process will unfortunately include killing a few plants and asking for help.

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