How to Reorganize Your Pantry – 7 Useful Tips

How to Reorganize Your Pantry - 7 Useful Tips A Mum Reviews

How to Reorganize Your Pantry – 7 Useful Tips

Many people’s pantries are a mess due to poor pantry organization skills. This will cause you to waste a lot of food and buy multiple of similar things that you already have, but think that you don’t.

Why should you reorganize your pantry? It will give you a sense of control and complete pleasure every time you need to get something from it. As you reorganize your pantry, you might be surprised by what you will find. Especially goods that expired years ago and many other goods in multiples. To create a more organized pantry where you can see and reach everything inside, try some of the tips mentioned below.

How to Reorganize Your Pantry - 7 Useful Tips A Mum Reviews

How to Reorganize Your Pantry

  1. Take everything out 

Do your family members enjoy baking and cooking, and everyone has various ingredients for their favourite meals? It is important that you then organize your pantry in a way that lets everyone see their ingredients with ease. Many pantries seem like a dumping ground of many kitchen goods due to poor organization, while a pantry should be a tool kit that provides you with what you need for your kitchen. So, pull everything out, make a mess, and when you have all the shelves clear, clean them. As you do this, check for items you no longer use, that have expired and dispose of them. This way of organizing will help you organize everything well instead of having the new items at the front and every other item at the back.

How to Reorganize Your Pantry - 7 Useful Tips A Mum Reviews

  1. Create more space 

Sometimes it is difficult to organize a pantry that little space. Instead of over-stuffing a small space, you should aim to make more space. Optionally, move the things that you do not use often elsewhere. For instance, some of the things that you can move to another cabinet are tea, snacks, and coffee. Also, if you love keeping your pans and pots in your pantry, move them elsewhere to create more space. Create a pot rack on the wall space, and in this way, you can make a lot of space in your cabinet for the most essential pantry items.

  1. Use containers for individual products 

Everyone has a way that they want their pantry to look like. Either you want matching storage containers or unique containers for your various dry goods. Considering containers for individual products helps a lot as you reorganize your pantry. Individuals who prefer pantries with matching storage containers will create a neat look. Besides, as much as having neatly organized containers gives you pleasure every time you open your pantry, it can be a challenge to keep up refilling over time. Thus, if you will not stay on top of this, your pantry will be a storage of excess bins, and this is more clutter for your pantry space.

  1. Group similar products together 

As you organize your pantry, group similar products together instead of having them in various places in the pantry. This will help you know where to find them whenever you need them. So, put them in categories like snacks, healthy staples, baking, or a category that will seem more reasonable for you. In this way, you will keep items that you use together in proximity and you will not have to be looking for them as you restock your pantry. For instance, chips and salsa, pasta and tomato sauce, flour and sugar. Try this tip and you can twist it around to suit the products you want together, and you will make your experience with your pantry easy, intuitive, and graceful.

A Mum Reviews

  1. Add pullout organizers 

Pullout organizers or bins are amazing accessories to help you not lose anything at the back of the pantry. Some of the pullout organizers that you can use are wire baskets or clear plastic bins, but ensure that they match perfectly with the depth and height of your pantry shelves. They are also beneficial for rice and grains that come in bags and are difficult to stay upright. Thus, they help them not to spill when you open the pantry doors. Get the bins for your pantry, and you will have accessories that help you pull out stuff easily, and you will not have any products that are stuck and forgotten at the back. Alternatively, you can get the ones that you can fasten to a shelf, and they slide with ease.

  1. Have your everyday products at eye level 

As you rearrange your pantry, ensure that the items that you use for daily cooking are the most accessible, by having them at eye level. Choose an ideal place for your vinegar and oils, and this will make things easier for you. While for other products, like those that you use for baking, you can have somewhere different as many people do not bake as often. Additionally, if you have children that need to have snacks frequently and you place them in the pantry, choose a place near the bottom of the pantry where you can place their snacks, and they can help themselves easily.

How to Reorganize Your Pantry - 7 Useful Tips A Mum Reviews

  1. Label shelves and containers

Remember to do the labelling of the shelves and containers. This can be done before placing them back or after. Use white erase markers to write on your plastic containers or buy stickers that are already labeled. This is an important tip to try, as it makes it easy to find everything in your pantry. Also, this will help you know where to put back items that you use after you finish cooking. Besides, when you label the containers, there is no need to label the shelves, especially when you do not have a large pantry.

In summary, it is vital to organize your pantry to make it easy to use every day. Although there are many ways that you can try to organize it, the products people use are different, and also organizational skills are unique for various people. Organize your pantry your way to save you time as you search for items and also to avoid having unused items and expired ones go to waste.

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