How to Study Better

How to Study Better

How to Study Better

Most of us spend quite many years of our lives studying – at school, college, university and sometimes as adults learning new things for work, perhaps for a new role or a whole career swap. For studying to go well, you need to do it right and in this article we will look at how to study better.

  • Set Up a Good Working Environment

The first step to successful studying is to have a good working environment. The best option is if you have a desk that you can set up for the tasks that need to be done but a cleared kitchen table can work too as long as the room is tidy and there are no other people using the room who might disturb you.

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  • Choose a Good Time for You

Some people are morning larks and do their best work early in the day, while other’s are night owls and study better later in the day. Some people are somewhere in between. You will know this best yourself. Choose to study at the time of day that you know is best for you. The time that you feel most focused, energised and motivated. That’s when you should be learning new things.

  • Know What You Need to Do

Before you start, be clear about what you need to achieve during the study session. Maybe you need to work through a certain amount of chapters, prepare notes for a dissertation or master a certain task. If there’s something you’re not sure about and don’t know how to do, look online for video tutorials to get an idea of how to build your own work.

How to Study Better
  • Turn Off Distractions

When you need to focus, it’s important to ensure that there are no distractions. Turn off your phone or at least turn of the notifications from various apps and, if you’re working on a computer, only have the necessary tabs and documents open. If you live with other people, tell them that you really need to concentrate on your studies and ask them to not disturb you unless there’s an emergency.

  • Don’t Forget to Eat, Drink and Rest

Your body and brain needs food, water and rest too so remember to plan for breaks to refuel, hydrate and rest. Eat something before you start and have a water bottle or a cup of coffee/tea next to you while you study and take regular breaks to stretch your legs and give your brain a few minutes to think about something else.

How to Study Better

The above ideas will help you study better and be a more efficient student, leaving you time to do the other things in life that you enjoy too.

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