Kildonan Fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

New Coastal-Inspired Kildonan Fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Escape to paradise with the first new fragrance range in 10 years from ARRAN Sense of Scotland. The release of a new fragrance after such a long time is a special moment for the brand and I am personally sure that the new scent will be a success just like the other wonderful fragrances from ARRAN Sense of Scotland. The delightful new scent has just been released and was inspired by the tranquil, sun-soaked shores of Kildonan in the south of the Isle of Arran, Scotland.


“Kildonan in the far South of the Island lies a sheltered cove that welcomes the gulf stream. Where the beach is lined with silver sand, and large, rugged rock formations create natural break waters – stilling the water’s surface. Under the evening sun, the rocks and sand glow with a warm hue covering our secluded haven in a golden blanket of light.”

Kildonan Fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

The new fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland encapsulates the undisturbed cove basking in the late, summer sun – can you imagine that you are there right now, at a secluded island cove? The scent has notes of violet, pea, Lily of the Valley, cedar, orris, ambrette and Cashmirwood. The scent takes me straight to the shore where I can feel the summer sea breeze – perfect for me who’s always in much need of some Vitamin Sea.

Kildonan Fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

The Kildonan scent is available in four products initially, but this will most likely be expanded in the future.

The four luxurious products are:

  • Kildonan Hand Wash – £16.00
  • Kildonan Bath & Shower Gel – £16.00
  • Kildonan Hand Cream – £16.00
  • Kildonan Boxed Saddle Soap – £6.50

The products are enriched with the same minerals and skin-conditioning essential oils as the entire ARRAN Sense of Scotland bath and body care range which leave your skin soft and nourished and with a luxurious, long-lasting and pleasant fragrance.

Kildonan Fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

I’m currently using the Kildonan Hand Wash and the Kildonan Bath & Shower Gel. A luxury hand wash is such a great way to add a bit of indulgence to a many-times-per-day task. Handwashing with a great-smelling hand wash that feels amazing on your skin makes the task much more enjoyable and I love how the scent lingers on my hands. The bath and shower gel is brilliant too – it even makes me enjoy showers even though I’m much more of a bath person. The formula lathers beautifully in the shower and makes indulgent bubbles in the bath, while caring for your skin and filling the room with the amazing Kildonan scent.

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ARRAN Sense of Scotland products were kindly gifted for this review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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