PMS Hacks: 3 Top Tech Tips Everyone Needs To Know About

PMS Hacks: 3 Top Tech Tips Everyone Needs To Know About

PMS Hacks: 3 Top Tech Tips Everyone Needs To Know About

Everyone has their own routine. Whether it is when you think you’re due or during the process itself, you have a system you use for dealing with the demands of your period, no matter how small a thing it is. Age-old problems require modern solutions, and technology is here to help you get through the worst of your premenstrual syndrome symptoms and make life less of a stress.

  • Get Proactive By Fitness Tracking Your Cycle

This is the most basic step to take if you want to take more control over your PMS. Keeping a record of your premenstrual syndrome symptoms helps to find patterns and lets you set yourself up for the rollercoaster. Calendar monitoring on some fitness trackers can help you get ahead of Aunt Flo’s visit.

You can get extra data from them, like the length of your cycle, and make notes of any changes or irregularities. Tracking symptoms, such as mood swings and cramps, will help you build a better picture of your period giving you a better idea of how to plan for it next time around, like stocking up on Ben & Jerry’s. By identifying your unique PMS patterns, you can take proactive steps to manage symptoms and make adjustments to your lifestyle or your self-care routine to help you through the worst of it.

Why Is It Important to Track Your Period? PMS Hacks
  • The Is A Cure For Everything These Days

Well, cure is perhaps a strong word. Treatment for PMS is possible, though, and for many people who experience periods, hormonal treatments can provide a lot of relief from cramping and mood swings. They greatly diminish the symptoms, making them easier to manage and less disruptive to your life. If your period rocks you like a hurricane in all the wrong ways, this may be a step for you to consider.

Mood swings, bloating, irritability, and anxiety are all symptoms of premenstrual syndrome that can be diminished with hormone treatments. Low progesterone levels in the second part of your cycle can cause all these symptoms and more, and progesterone treatments from Hormones+You can give them the boost they need. Their progesterone cream has already helped thousands of women, and they turn to it every month for relief, making it a part of their period prep. Sometimes ancient problems require a high-tech solution, so give hormonal treatments a try if you want some relief from cramps, bloating, and more.

How to Declutter your Smartphone (and your iPad)
  • There Is An App For Everything Too

Soon, your period will be sending you notifications. Seriously. You may be getting a message from an app to let you know when and where it’s going to hit you. The digital age is changing everything, and your menstrual cycle will not be excluded. How rude. Technology can offer lots of resources to support women in managing PMS symptoms, and PMS-relief apps and tools are gaining popularity among younger people for their ability to provide a mix of advanced warnings and advice.

They can also offer educational content on they offer can actually be enlightening. Some of the tips for symptom management can be incredibly once the app gets to know you. Many apps also provide community support, letting people with periods connect with others experiencing similar symptoms and discuss how to deal with them. With a little help from tech friends, you can find comfort, guidance, and empowerment in your PMS journey.

Get equipped for your next period. Take it on with the help of the latest app, treatments, and tech so you can take back control of your body and your life.

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