Sleep Quantity vs. Sleep Quality

Sleep Quantity vs. Sleep Quality A Mum Reviews

Sleep Quantity vs. Sleep Quality

Sleep is one of the main indicators of our health. We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, and its quality and length affect our lifespan. Sleep quality directly affects your productivity, creativity, vitality, emotional balance, immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular health, and weight. While we sleep, the brain remains active and regulates all the necessary mechanisms in our body to maintain our health and vitality. If we constantly sleep poorly, our body is unable to repair and regulate what is necessary. As a consequence, we cannot work, learn, and in any way create efficiently.

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  • Sleep quantity

Some people sleep too little, some enough and some even sleep too much. That is why everyone needs to find the level of sleep at which they will feel well-rested. If it’s happening regularly that you wake up by yourself, before the alarm rings, you’ve slept well enough. If you work well during the day, we can also conclude that you are sleeping enough, but if you feel fatigued, tired, you need to change your sleeping habits.

Many people believe that sleeping from 7 to 8 hours is perfect. While this is true for most adults, as always there are exceptions. Scientists have proven that women need more sleep than men. The reason is that their brains are more active during the day than in the opposite sex, and they need better rest. But every adult, aged 18 and older, needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

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  • How well does your kid sleep?

Does your child often fall asleep while in the car? Do you have to wake it up every morning? Does he or she look cold, irritable and tired during the day? If yes, your child may have less sleep than their body needs. To change this, you need to help your child develop good sleeping habits. You should also investigate your child’s mattress and pillow and try to find the perfect mattress for your kid because maybe the problem is in sleep quality, not its quantity.

Pre-school and early school-age children who have outgrown daytime sleep need 11 to 12 hours of night sleep. That number of hours will decrease as the child grows up. In the teenage years, it will need nine to 10 hours of sleep to grow up healthy and carefree.

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  • Measuring sleep quality

Although it is very important to get plenty of sleep, the latest research shows that sleep quality is as important as its quantity. In contrast to the amount of sleep, the quality of sleep references how well you sleep. For adults, good quality sleep means that you fall asleep 30 minutes or less after going to bed, have not woken up more than once during the night, and have returned to sleep for a maximum of 20 minutes if you awoke.

Poor sleep quality can make you feel exhausted over the next day and even change your typical frame of mind. Good quality sleep, on the other hand, can affect your mood even better, as continuous sleep provides a sufficient amount of invigorating sleep.

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Wondering why your dreams have been poor quality lately?

Bad habits that you have unknowingly adopted may be the reason. In addition to being exhausted the next day, this also affects your physical appearance.

  • You never go to sleep at the same tame

Make sure you have a routine. If your bedtime depends on the day – sometimes it is at 11 PM and sometimes after midnight – your body will suffer, even if you don’t notice it at first. Over time you will be sleep-deprived and your sleep quality will be poor even if you do sleep enough hours.

  • Checking your Facebook

Computer light stimulates the brain. Avoid late internet surfing and at least lower the background lighting on your devices. Relaxation before bedtime should not be polluted with electronics. Your perfect bedroom needs to be comfortable and cozy.

  • Uncomfortable bed

A good mattress requires more money, but a quality mattress will give you a restful sleep every time. The same applies to quality bedding and pillows. Opt for a softer pillow if you like to sleep on your back and stomach. A stiffer pillow is more appropriate for people who prefer sleeping on the side.

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