SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review – The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib

SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review – The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib

If you are having a baby or have one already, you have probably come across the beautiful SnüzPod from Snüz. It’s a multi award-winning 3 in 1 bedside crib that allows you to be close to your baby at night for safe co-sleeping and easy night feeds.

The three different uses for the SnüzPod are as a bedside/co-sleeping crib, a stand-alone crib and a bassinet.

  • To use the SnüzPod as a bedside crib, you attach it to your bed using the straps that come with it. The straps ensure that there is no gap between the crib and your bed. If you want to use the SnüzPod as a bedside crib, you don’t put in one of the metal poles that make the basket sturdy at the top. This allows the side with the mesh window to be zipped down to open the crib towards your bed. You can zip it back up again during the night to keep your baby away from your bedding. The transparent mesh window means you can still see your baby at all times.
  • To use the SnüzPod as a stand-alone crib, you install both metal poles to make it as sturdy as possible. This means you can’t quickly turn it into a bedside crib though as you have to take the metal pole out first. I would love it if you could zip the side off without taking the pole out as this would save time and effort, especially because the poles are quite fiddly to get in.
  • To use the SnüzPod as a bassinet, just lift it off the stand and move it to wherever you need it. Because the handles are on the short sides of the crib, it can be a bit awkward to move around in tight spaces like through doors and up and down narrow stairwells if there’s a baby in it. If there’s no baby in it when you move it, then you don’t have to be as careful about the angle that you hold it and it’s easier to move. There is no way I could move the basket upstairs or downstairs with our baby in it. It would be too heavy and difficult to carry with the handles placed where they are. The bassinet feature can be really handy though. I used it in the early days when I was up doing night feeds on the sofa. When our baby would settle, I would put her in the bassinet and try to get some sleep myself on the sofa with the basket next to me so that I could see her and touch her to soothe her if she stirred.

SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

We keep our SnüzPod in our living room as a place for our baby to have daytime naps, to play in and to sleep in during the early evenings before we go to bed. We chose the lovely Espresso colour as most of the furniture in our living room is dark brown.

We are not using the SnüzPod as a bedside crib though that’s what I wanted to do first. The reason for this is that our bed frame is very low. We have the Malm bed frame from IKEA and it’s a very low design. The lowest setting on the SnüzPod is still too high for us. We ended up using a different, very simple crib upstairs but mainly co-sleep. Another set of holes would be great as that would make it fit our bed.SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

I do like having the SnüzPod in our living room though, as it’s quite practical for our lifestyle. When I was pregnant I knew I wanted somewhere downstairs where I could put our baby and know she was safe if I needed to answer the door, cook dinner or go for a wee! Having a toddler already, I did not want something low down where our toddler could reach our newborn. We have the SnüzPod set to the highest setting and it’s perfect. Our toddler can’t reach our baby but they can look at each other through the mesh window which is lovely.

It’s really easy to slide or pull the SnüzPod around on carpeted floor too which is important to us as we move it depending on light or what my toddler is playing with.SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

Not many cribs are pretty enough to have on display in the main area of your house but the SnüzPod really is a gorgeous piece of furniture. It’s really sturdy and feels very safe. It was not too difficult to assemble even though there are quite many pieces to the crib. The instructions were very clear. I did it when I was heavily pregnant as I was so excited to see it up.

The walls of the basket are made of fabric and there’s a fabric cover for the shelf at the bottom too. The fabric is hand-wash only and I really wish it was machine washable as that would make washing it so much easier. A darker colour option would be great too as white never stays white for long around babies and especially not around toddlers if you have one of them too.

We use the SnüzPod for playtime too and have an electronic mobile from Tiny Love attached to it and use other small toys including the smaller Pack and Go Mobile from Tiny Love. They are lots of fun and my girl loves playing with them though the larger one has scuffed the paintwork a bit.

(We often use a baby positioning support from Babymoov with a thin pillow underneath to make our baby lay at an angle as she suffers from reflux and does not like to lay flat. We only do this in the daytime when we’re watching her, of course. This is what you can see in these photos.)SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

There are a few accessories that you can get for your SnüzPod and I especially love the SnüzPod Pocket that you attach to the side of the crib. You could even get two and have one for each side for extra storage. These pockets are great for nappies, wipes or a bottle of water and there’s a larger zipped pocket too perfect for a Kindle, iPad mini or your baby’s red book. We keep our red book in it because it’s the perfect place and size for it!

The mattress for the SnüzPod is a standard crib size, I think, and is included with your SnüzPod. You can buy plain bedding in white or one of the lovely new Designz options. They are so cute! We have the Little Tweets design on two fitted sheets and a reversible blanket. I recommend getting a Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector too to help keep your mattress clean and fresh as babies can be messy! It’s much easier to wash a mattress protector than trying to wash a mattress. The one from Snüz washes well and dries quickly too.SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

Overall, I think it’s a brilliant product that is very well designed. The price for a SnüzPod with mattress is £199.95 which is not too expensive for the quality. They are sometimes cheaper on too. You can definitely use it for several babies (your own or pass it on to friends/family) just get a new mattress as per the safe sleeping guidelines.

The only thing I would advise you to do before buying one is to check the height of your bed to make sure you can use it as a bedside crib (if that’s your intended use).SnüzPod Bedside Crib Review - The 3 in 1 Bedside Co-Sleeping Crib A Mum Reviews

Then comes the difficult decision of choosing which colour to go for! There are seven colours to choose from now Espresso, Natural, Eco-White, Dove Grey, Putty, Sherbet and Blush. They all look great!

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I was NOT sent the SnüzPod for this review, but Snüz sent me the bedding set and storage pocket to go with my review. As always, all my reviews are 100% honest and all thoughts and opinions are my own.   

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