The Benefits of CBD Skincare Products

The Benefits of CBD Skincare Products A Mum Reviews

The Benefits of CBD Skincare Products

CBD has been in the news a lot lately and there are many CBD products on the market, with more arriving in online marketplaces and in shops every day. With everything from CBD-infused tea and coffee to hemp and CBD ingredients being used in pet food, it’s safe to say the trend has caught on. But, there’s one sub-group of CBD products that’s especially interesting and that’s toeing the line between health, wellness, and beauty. You can buy all types of Hemp wholesale products online as well as in markets.

It’s not VG E-liquid UK though those are popular too – in this post we’re talking about CBD skincare products.

The Benefits of CBD Skincare Products A Mum Reviews

What is CBD?

First things first, we have to answer the questions of what CBD actually is and in many ways, the best place to start is by clarifying what it isn’t. CBD is not marijuana.

Instead, CBD – the abbreviation for cannabidiol – is found in hemp (a legal substance in the UK and beyond) as well as other varieties of cannabis. But, unlike TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties. In layman’s terms: CBD doesn’t get you high.

CBD is actually being touted as a lifesaver when it comes to pain relief, anxiety, and insomnia, although medical research is still being conducted to support these and other claims.

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What CBD skincare products are available?

Just like CBD vape juice is available in a range of flavours, strengths, and concentrations – from VG E-liquid UK (CBD infused with vegetable glycerin) to those with a higher ratio of propylene glycol (PG) – there are more CBD skincare products out there than we can count on our fingers and toes.

What’s more, over the last year, CBD as an ingredient has become ever-more elevated, going from a natural beauty hack to one that’s seen as luxurious, sophisticated, and on-trend.

So, what’s currently on the market for you to try? Love Hemp is behind one of the most popular products in the space, a body salve made with all organic ingredients for a natural, deep conditioning cream while their CBD-infused cellulose fibre face masks are keeping them ahead of the curve and on-trend.

But, CBD as an ingredient stretches beyond just beauty. For athletes looking for muscle relief, Vitality has come out with a CBD-infused Muscle Balm that’s known to have soothing and relaxing effects.

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What are the benefits?

It’s clear to see that a lot of brands are jumping on the CBD bandwagon, but is it all smoke in mirrors?  Nope!

CBD functions as an anti-inflammatory, which means it’s great at helping calm skin. For those suffering with acne, frequent breakouts, or blemishes, CBD-infused creams, oils, masks, and balms could be the difference between red skin and clear skin.

It’s also been touted as a solution to oily skin, which means it doesn’t just help clear up acne, it helps offset the triggers of acne. Win-win!

For those combatting wrinkles and on the look-out for anti-ageing creams, CBD is (once again!) an ingredient you should be keeping an eye out for. You can expect CBD-infused products to diminish wrinkles and leave you with brighter skin.

As more and more products are in the trial-phase and doctors around the world are investigating the benefits of CBD, you can almost certainly expect to see more creams, oils, masks, and more coming to market. Which will you try?

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