The Best Way to Eat 9bars

The Best Way to Eat 9Bars A Mum Reviews

The Best Way to Eat 9bars

9bars are definitely one of my favourite snacks because they’re delicious, healthy but also satisfy my sweet tooth a bit. They’re full of nutritious seeds and come in lots of different flavour combinations. Last year the brand had a redesign and the new packaging looks like this.The Best Way to Eat 9Bars A Mum Reviews

They’re delicious just as they are but I have a different way of eating them that I enjoy even more with cheese!The Best Way to Eat 9Bars A Mum Reviews

I simply unwrap a 9bar and spread some butter on it and add a couple of chunks of mature cheddar. Yummy and a bit more filling than eating it on its own.The Best Way to Eat 9Bars A Mum Reviews

9bars are full of good, natural energy and protein perfect for active and busy lifestyles. They’re gluten free, high in fibre and have reduced amounts of fat and sugar. The seeds that 9bars contain are a great source of magnesium which contributes to a normal energy yielding metabolism. Most of the range is completely vegan, too!The Best Way to Eat 9Bars A Mum Reviews

I recently won two boxes of 9bar Peanut & Raisin in a Twitter competition so I’m currently spoilt and enjoying one each day. I’m very happy as they’re a great snack for sleep-deprived pregnant ladies who need a bit of extra energy.

Read more on the 9bar website where you can also buy the full range. They are also available in supermarkets and shops like Holland & Barrett. You can see my other 9bar posts here if you’re interested in reviews of specific flavours.

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