Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby

Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby A Mum Reviews

Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby

You’re off on your first trip as a family with your newborn baby. But before any of that, you will need to pack. You already know what to pack for yourself and your partner but what about your newborn? Packing for a newborn baby is a bit different but we’ll cover everything you need to know in this article.

What to expect

Flights and traveling are new experiences for your newborn, so there are some things you will need to prepare so that your child and the rest of the family can enjoy the trip.

This article will discuss all the essentials such as the best diaper bags and all the things to pack when traveling with a baby:

  • Diapers / Nappies

Diapers are a no-brainer as all babies need them! The number of diapers you need to bring will depend on how long your trip is. However, it never hurts to bring an extra few in case there delays or your baby simply needs changing more often than usual.

Along with your baby’s diapers, you will also need to bring baby powder or rash cream. Again the amount will depend on how long your trip will be but usually a travel sized pack will do just fine.

Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby A Mum Reviews
  • Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is where you will put not only your child’s diapers but also important toiletries, medications, and other miscellaneous items such as baby toys and bottles and milk if bottle feeding.

Having a portable bag around that contains items for your baby is essential so that you always have what you need when your baby needs a diaper change.

Get a durable diaper bag that can carry many items since you will be bringing extra diapers when traveling. You will also need a lot of space inside as it will be filled with extra clothes and other essentials too.

  • Medicine

If your baby is on any medication, you need to pack them too. Other things that can come in handy are teething medications and pain medications depending on your baby’s age. Always pack a thermometer so that you can check your baby’s temperature on the go.

Remember to pack a hand sanitizer too – opt for one that doesn’t have a strong scent as you’ll be using it around your baby.

  • Baby Snacks

You will know when your baby is hungry. Or, to put it another way, everyone will know when your baby is hungry. Babies cry when they’re hungry, need changing, are in pain or are overtired. Pack everything you need for feeding your baby on the go. If you are formula feeding, you can usually order formula to collect at the airport after security so that you don’t need to carry it all the way.

For babies that have started weaning (usually from around 6 months), pack some baby food pouches or other age-appropriate snacks too.

  • Eating Utensils and Sippy Cup

If your baby is a bit older, you probably have your own set of eating utensils for your baby. Your child is probably used to eating with them so you can pack these. If you have a travel-sized set, then that’s even better as it will be easier to fit in your diaper bag.

Bibs are also essential to bring to keep clothes dry and clean. That way, you only have to clean their bibs and do not have to change full outfits as often.

For babies that have started weaning, you will also need to bring a baby sippy cup for drinks of water.

Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby A Mum Reviews
  • Baby Clothes

Clothes are also essential, of course. As a general rule, you can dress your baby in similar layers to what you’re wearing for the current weather – just add one extra layer as your baby is not moving as much as you are. Bring extra pairs of clothes in case your baby spits up during the trip. Check that your baby is a good temperature by feeling their chest under their clothes regularly.

If you’re planning to go swimming, don’t forget to pack baby swimwear, swim nappies and sun protection like sun hats and baby-safe sun cream.

  • Wipes

Speaking of spitting up, your child is probably going to do that. It can be unpredictable and cause a mess depending on how big it is and how frequent it occurs. Bring a bunch of baby wipes and have them in your diaper bag so you’re ready to clean them up when needed. You’ll also need these for diaper changes, of course.

Tissues are soft and breakable, so they are not recommended for cleaning spit-ups. Get durable and absorbent wipes so the cleanup doesn’t get messier than the mess itself. Burp cloths or muslin cloths are great for this too but do require washing so might not be ideal when traveling.

  • Items to Help Keep Your Baby Occupied

A baby’s attention span is very short and sometimes they will need something to keep themselves occupied, especially during the car or plane ride. Pack things you think your child will enjoy and spend time with until you arrive at your destination. Sensory baby toys are a good option and so are interactive baby books with different textures or buttons, for example.

  • Sleep Essentials

Once your baby starts falling asleep, it is smooth sailing until they wake up or you have arrived at your destination (whichever comes first). All you need to do is ensure your child is resting well and is comfortable. Pack a blanket to keep them cosy. If your baby has a favourite one, pack that one if your child has an attachment to it. As always, it is best to check on them from time-to-time to see if they are not getting to warm or cold and are breathing well.

Things to Pack When Traveling with a Baby A Mum Reviews
  • A Travel Stroller

It is also vital to take a travel stroller with you to make it easier to travel with your baby. Carrying your baby around might take a toll on you if you are doing it all the time. A stroller will make things easier, especially if the baby wants to sleep. Bring a foldable one so that you can take it around easily.

When is the Right Age to Bring a Baby to a Trip?

Now even before you plan a family trip, this might be on your mind. You’re probably asking yourself if your baby is going to be comfortable with the plane or car ride or enjoy the trip itself.

A good age range to be okay with bringing your child is around three to six months old. They you are past the very early newborn days which will make things easier. It’s also before they start crawling and want to explore everything which will also make traveling with a baby less stressful.


Preparations before traveling can be a lot of work. This is especially true for babies as they need a lot of things and can’t pack on their own.

Hopefully, this helped you give an idea on what to pack for your baby and to help make things easier for yourself. Happy packing, and more importantly, enjoy your next family trip with your newborn baby!

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