Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024 – Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024 – Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too | AD

The next holiday coming up is of course Valentine’s Day which is the perfect opportunity to celebrate LOVE with your partner as a couple, with your friends (Galentine’s Day is typically celebrated the day before), or with your family. If you’re looking for a gift for your partner for Valentine’s Day, you can find some lovely gift ideas for him and her (and a few for little ones too) in this article. Let’s get started!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too
  • Valentine’s Day Gin from Gin In A Tin

Gin In A Tin creates wonderful bespoke collections of quality gin. They have lots of letterbox friendly gifts as well as larger gins in stylish metal tins. They also offer personalised options. For Valentine’s Day, their L.O.V.E. Gift Box Set of Gin is ideal!

Valentine’s Day Gin from Gin In A Tin

This charming set includes four mini bottles (35ml) of gin in different flavours:

  • Pale Blue Tin – Gin No.2 – Coriander, Cardamom & Lemon Peel
  • Deep Pink Tin – Gin No. 4 – Dill, Apple & Beetroot
  • Pink Tin – Gin No. 10 – Raspberry, Cardamom & Pomegranate
  • Purple Tin – Gin No. 8 – Samphire, Angelica & Coriander
Valentine’s Day Gin from Gin In A Tin

The miniature bottles each have a letter on them, spelling out the word LOVE when they are displayed together in their gift box. For the box, you can choose between Pink and Blue.

Valentine’s Day Gin from Gin In A Tin

I’ve sampled quite a few different flavours from Gin In A Tin and am always impressed by the flavours and the quality of their gin. I also love the quirky tin packaging!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too
  • Rex London Multi-Beaded Heart Collection, Gift Wrap, Cards & Gifts

This stunning multi-beaded heart collection available from Rex London features four different designs/sizes of handmade heart decorations. These have been handcrafted in Egypt by Al Meerath which is a project that supports and empowers women who are left without income.

The organization helps these women to earn their own money to support their family and send their children to school, by teaching them how to make these beautiful decorations. The women are shown the method of production, given the required materials, and then the finished products are purchased directly from them to be distributed by Rex London.

Handmade beaded heart decoration

This range of beautiful hearts has been shortlisted for the Gift of the Year Award in the Ethical and Sustainable Gift category. These lovely and truly unique hearts are perfect for adding a pop of colour to a space and would make wonderful gifts for loved ones this Valentine’s Day and I love that by choosing to purchase them, you also support and empower women who need help. 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too

Rex London also have some other products that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Above, you can see several products from the Hearts range – wrapping paper sheets, a A5 Notebook, and a reusable shopping bag. The shopping bag is lightweight yet sturdy and makes a perfect gift bag for Valentine’s Day gifts and treats for your loved one.

Rex London Valentine's Day Card Heart

Rex London also have several greeting cards that are ideal for writing your partner a love note – this Birds and Heart card is so sweet!

Rex London Valentine's Day Heart Wrapping Paper

I’m really impressed with the wrapping paper from Rex London – it’s so thick and great quality! The print is stunning too and you get five large sheets in each pack which is plenty for lots of gifts.


I also love this Fairies In The Garden Heart Musical Jewellery Box from Rex London. It’s a large jewellery box that can double up as a keepsake gift box for Valentine’s Day. The design is appealing to both children and grown-ups who are young at heart. Inside, the box is lined with light blue felt and there’s a heart-shaped mirror inside the lid and a spinning musical fairy. The jewellery box plays the traditional Für Elise by Beethoven when opened (there’s a clockwork mechanism that you wind up from the back).

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too
  • Home Landing Ltd. Jacquard Francais “Amour” Woven Cotton Tea Towel

Love is in the air with this stunning Jacquard Francais “Amour” woven cotton tea towel. The extra-large tea towel is made in France and has a print that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. The towel design features a pair of love birds in the centre surrounded by a decorative heart set against a folk-inspired background of tiny hearts with a floral border.

The towel is about twice as big as all my other tea towels at 60 x 80 cm which makes it perfect for using as a small tablecloth for serving your loved one a special Valentine’s Day breakfast. This red colourway is called Poppy, and this tea towel design is also available in Beige, Pink, and Blue.

Mayraki Hair Glowing Travel Kit 5-in-1
  • Mayraki Hair Glowing Travel Kit 5-in-1

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves pampering products and travelling, this handy kit from Mayraki Professionals is perfect. This set has been designed with jetsetters in mind and contains five amazing haircare products to offer protection and treatment for maintaining healthy hair on the go, in all weather conditions. The products are in convenient travel-sized packaging (all 50ml each) so that you can enjoy these excellent hair car treats on any trip, even with carry-on luggage only.

The Mayraki Hair Glowing Travel Kit 5-in-1 includes the following products: Weightless Moisture Shampoo, Protein Proactive Hair Conditioner, Camellia Tea Leaf Sea Salt Scalp Scrub, Botanical Moisturizing Hair Oil , and Essential Oil Nutritive Treatment.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too Lego Roses
  • LEGO Creator Roses

I love flowers but find cut flowers to be a bit of a waste since they don’t last very long. This year, instead of a bouquet of flowers for your loved one, opt for flowers that will last forever and that will provide entertainment too – LEGO Creator Roses.

Lego Creator Roses Set

They’re perfect for marking a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day. You can even build the set together with your partner and make one rose each. The details and the whole build are very impressive and these stunning LEGO roses can be displayed in a vase just like real flowers.

Lego Creator Roses Set

Buy your set of LEGO Creator Roses from There’s also a larger LEGO Bouquet of Roses set available.

There are other flower sets available from LEGO that you can combine with the roses if you would like to make your own personalised bouquet of flowers:

Silky Pyjamas from IDENTITY LINGERIE
  • Silky Pyjamas from IDENTITY LINGERIE

Luxurious pyjamas, loungewear or lingerie make lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day. Family-run, UK business IDENTITY LINGERIE has a wide range of ethically handcrafted luxury nightwear and lingerie for women (and pyjamas and dressing gowns for men too) in lots of beautiful colours and prints. Many products are available in customisable sizes which is great.

Silky Pyjamas from IDENTITY LINGERIE

Above, you can see one of IDENTITY LINGERIE’s button up pyjamas – this is the short version which is ideal for spring and summer but there are also full length options available in lots of designs. The details and the fabric are so pretty and I love that the pyjamas come packaged in a silky gift bag that the recipient can reuse for something else too.

Nail Pampering for Two - Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pens
  • Nail Pampering for Two – Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pens

Get ready for all that hand holding with pampered hands and nails. Check out Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pens and get one for you and one for your partner so that you both can enjoy beautiful and healthy nails.

Nail Pampering for Two - Bold & Grit SOS Nail Care Pens

This handy pen is filled with Bold & Grit’s SOS Nail Care Serum that is packed with Vitamins A, C, and E to stimulate nail growth and repair. It’s a lovely product and it’s so easy to use wherever you are to keep your nails and cuticles in their best condition. It smells great too!

Personalised Gifts Asda Photo
  • ASDA Photo Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts

Personalised gifts are always extra special and they’re so easy to create with ASDA Photo. There are lots of different products to choose from that you can personalise with your own special photos and/or messages for your loved one. How about a personalised Valentine’s Day card, a photobook of your favourite memories together, or a canvas print of a magical moment that you’ve shared together?

Above, you can see a Personalised Wash Bag and a Ceramic Photo Tile with its own little mini easel to display it on.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Gift Ideas for Him & Her + Little Ones Too
  • Pebblechild Heart Rattles

If you have little ones, then these adorable heart rattles from Pebblechild are perfect for baby’s first Valentine’s Day. Pebblechild makes the sweetest, high-quality toys for babies and children.

Pebblechild heart rattles

The designs are adorable and the products are certified fair trade and completely hand made with natural materials. These cute heart rattles are available in pink and red – which one’s your favourite? Pebblechild have lots of other fun and friendly baby rattles to choose from too.

If you have a toddler, check out these Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers for some fun Valentine’s Day ideas.

pick and mix
  • Chocolate!

What kind of chocolate to buy for someone for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion of course depends on their personal preferences. This year, I love the idea of the Lindt Pick & Mix Heart Tin. The metal heart-shaped tin is really pretty and you can fill the tin with your loved one’s favourites from Lindt. If they are fans of Lindt chocolate, they will love the personalised selection with all their favourites. The tin can of course be reused and refilled with more chocolate for future celebrations! Visit the Lindt website or the Lindt Store on for more delicious gift ideas to share with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

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