Where Are the Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia?

Where Are the Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia

Where Are the Most Beautiful Beaches in Croatia?

Croatia is home to one of the most rugged coastlines in Europe. This means that its home to endless islands ranging in size and consequently the size of the Croatian coast grows. All the way from Istria to Dubrovnik, Croatia’s coast has a crystal clear sea of high quality and it’s home to numerous beautiful beaches.

In this country, you’ll find all kinds of beaches, ranging from pebbled and sandy, to the natural rocks which make the Adriatic coast so special. When visiting Croatia, make sure to explore as much as you can and sooner or later you’ll stumble upon some hidden gems perfect for swimming, rock jumping and sunbathing.

Even though Croatia has hundreds of amazing beaches, some stand out, whether because of their natural beauty or the offer of activities, and many of them are in the region of Dalmatia.

  • Zlatni Rat

One of the most popular beaches in Croatia is the Zlatni Rat beach in Bol, on the island of Brač. You’ve probably seen it on various postcards or promo videos of Croatia since it’s one of the most beloved tourist destinations. Zlatni Rat is the top wind-surfing location in Croatia and there are many other activities on this beach so it’s perfect for young people looking for fun. Bol has a rich nightlife so even after dark, you can have fun on this beach.

  • The Stiniva Bay

When talking about Croatian beaches, the crucial one on the list has to be Stiniva Beach. It lies in Stiniva Bay on the island of Vis and is a true natural beauty. Its entrance from the sea is narrow and formed by two cliffs so you’ll feel like you’re in a magical place when lying on the beach.

The beach itself is pebbled so it’s perfect for anyone, but you’ll have to take a short hike to reach it.

  • Punta Rata

This beach is not on one of the islands but in the town of Brela. It’s become a highly praised beach with journals all over the world writing about its beauty. It’s in the protected nature area so you can be sure that the natural beauty is mesmerizing. Punta Rata is described as one of the most beautiful gravel beaches in the world, so make sure to visit it and enjoy it.

When exploring the beaches of Dalmatia, it’s good to have a quiet place to stay in which you can rest after a day of swimming or hiking. Check out accommodation on Villas Guide for the perfect place to rest in Dalmatia.

  • Nugal

This beach is relatively close to Brela, but it lies in the town of Makarska. It’s one of the many beautiful beaches in Makarska Riviera and has become insanely popular with TEFL teachers abroad thanks to the internet. In the beginning, it was a nudist beach, but today it’s open to everyone. Enjoy the view of Brač island and the crystal clear sea on this wonderful Dalmatian beach.

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