Beaba Silicone Multi-Portions – Review

Beaba Silicone Multi-Portions a mum reviews

As well as Wean Green Glass Wean Cubes, we use Beaba Silicone Multi-Portions to store homemade baby food in the freezer.

We have an Orange one and a Plum one. They are also available in Green and Dark Pink. I didn’t want the green one, in case they stain from highly pigmented food like tomato sauce. One Beaba Silicone Multi-Portions holds 7 x 60 ml. They are freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe.

I find these easy to use and they hold the right amount of baby food for my baby. They are like giant silicone ice cube trays for baby food! My daughter was a good eater from the start of weaning so portions smaller than these were never needed in the freezer.

Beaba Silicone Multi-Portions are easy to clean (super non-stick) and it’s very easy to plop a serving out. I usually put one serving in one of our Wean Green Glass Boxes and let the food defrost in the fridge overnight.

They seem durable so the price of £9.99 is quite good. The only downside to these is that the lids are not very tight which means the food gets a bit frosty and therefore I only use Beaba Silicone Multi-Portions for food that I know will be eaten in the next month or so.

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