What to Do When Your House is Damaged by a Storm

What to Do When Your House is Damaged by a Storm A Mum Reviews

What to Do When Your House is Damaged by a Storm

Having your home bear the brunt of a storm can be debilitating. The experience could make you feel like your life is upside down. In that confusion, it can be hard to maintain a sober mind and decide what to do next. It helps to have a few tips for what to do when caught up in a storm. Here are some guideline on how to go about it:

  • Prioritize your safety

The aftermath of a storm could be destruction and potential injuries. The first course of action when your home gets in the way of a storm is to ensure that all members of your household are safe and out of harm’s way. Hazards like exposed nails, broken glass and misplaced screws are common after storms.

You should be on the lookout. Ensure that everyone in your household is staying safe from unsecured debris and caving roof materials. With power lines, your safest bet would be to assume they are energised and potentially dangerous. Stay away from them and alert the power department so that they confirm everything is safe. Also, be keen on the gas and shut off all valves if you smell gas. Be sure to inform the gas suppliers as soon as possible.

What to Do When Your House is Damaged by a Storm A Mum Reviews
  • Evaluate the damages and document with photos

Before contacting the insurance company, assess the damage from the storm so that the insurance company can compensate you appropriately. Be sure to take photos of all the destruction your house has sustained so that the insurance company does not leave them out when calculating compensation. Be sure to inspect missing or damaged exterior sidings, broken windows, broken appliances, moisture damage, basement flooding, roof lifting and lost shingles. Remember to record any loss and destruction to your personal items.

  • Contact your insurance company

After evaluating and recording the damage the storm caused, the next step should be calling your agent. Your insurance agent will explain to you the limits of your insurance policy. It is worth noting though that you have a better chance of getting appropriate compensation if a lawyer is helping you communicate with the insurance company.

And that is because most insurance adjusters will find ways and loopholes to get out of paying you the complete amount to cater for the damages. Having a hurricane insurance claims lawyer in your corner gives you the peace of mind of knowing the insurance company will not take advantage of you and your ignorance.

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  • Prevent any further damage

The storm may have already caused damage your home. But that is no excuse to let everything go to the dogs. If there is any way to salvage other items, do it. Cover broken windows and the leaking roof so that the situation does not get worse.

  • See if there is anything you can fix

In most cases, the insurance company may not cover all the expenses you need to bring your home back to its original state. Storms cause water damage, and you may need to dig deep into your pocket to fix it. Your laptop and jewellery may qualify for compensation, but other items may not. Assess the situation to see which items you can fix.

  • Talk to a contractor

Since the insurance company may not take care of all the expenses, you may need to get in touch with a contractor that will restore items like furniture which may not be part of the cover. You will need to assess the damage the storm caused in your home to determine if you will need a contractor who handles water damage or one that deals with structural repairs. The best-case scenario would be to find a contractor that deals with a wide variety of repairs.

It should also be someone or a contractual company you trust, like this Rochester water damage restoration service, lest you end up in a long-winded repair phase. An untrustworthy company will add to the stress with constant calls, re-evaluations and endless negotiations. If your home is far too damaged, you should consider finding a hotel room or staying with friends and family during the renovation. Only return to your home when it is safe for you and your household.

What to Do When Your House is Damaged by a Storm A Mum Reviews

Final remarks

What you do in the aftermath of storm damage will determine how well you bounce back from the situation. Following the correct procedures keeps your belongings, family and wallet safe. Recovering from storm damage may not be the easiest thing you do. But if it is any consolation, people have experienced it before and managed to get back on their feet. You, therefore, should not despair.

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