Products to Help your Toddler’s Transition from Cot to Bed

Clever Products to Help your Toddler’s Transition from Cot to Bed A Mum Reviews

Products to Help your Toddler’s Transition from Cot to Bed

Moving your toddler from a cot bed to a toddler bed or a grown up single bed is a big step that can be a bit scary for both child and parent. To make it as smooth as possible, try to make it fun for your child. Let them see how cool the new bed is and take them shopping for new bed accessories such as bedding, pyjamas, a night light or a cushion to get them extra excited about the move.

To get your child used to the new bed, you can start by letting your little one have naps in the new bed if your child still naps!

There are also some comfort and safety aspects to consider and, in this post, I have gathered some products that I think are very clever and that I believe can help the transition from cot to bed.Clever Products to Help your Toddler’s Transition from Cot to Bed A Mum Reviews

  • Cot or bed bumpers from Acosy are safe foam bed guard bumpers, designed to keep your child safe and reassured in their big bed. These bed bumpers simply sit on the mattress edge and are secured in place by your fitted bottom sheet. They can be fitted to any bed size and are great if your child likes a soft edge to lean against.
  • A sturdy bed rail is a great way to ensure your child doesn’t roll out of bed. This one is from Summer Infant and it’s great! It can easily be folded down to get in and out of bed, to sit on the side of the bed and for bedding changes. It’s easy to install and provides excellent protection as it creates a tall but breathable side. Read my full review here.
  • Tuck n’ Snug make bedding that ensures your child’s pillow and duvet stay in place and can’t fall out of the bed. Such a brilliant idea as many children wake their parents up due to losing their duvet! Read my full review here.
  • The Gro-Clock is a smart product that helps children understand when it’s nighttime and when it’s morning and, therefore, when to get up and when to stay in their beds! You can set it to the times that suit you and this should help your child know when to try to go back to sleep. Read my full review here.

Something to remember is to install a stair gate to the door of your child’s room or the top of the stairs if you think your child might get out of bed at night and also to ensure the room is completely safe for the age of your child no cables within reach, shelves attached to the wall, no dangerous items left out etc.

If your child is an early riser, you can leave some safe toys and books out for your little one to play with when he or she wakes and a cup of water. This might buy you a few extra minutes in bed!


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