Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies | #ClothNappyMonday

Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies | #ClothNappyMonday A Mum Reviews

Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies | #ClothNappyMonday

My cloth journey started quite a while back as I’ve been using cloth sanitary products for years. I like to say that once you’ve gone cloth, you don’t go back and it’s definitely true. I can’t imagine going back to using plastic pads full of chemicals over soft, comfy cloth pads. If cloth pads are much comfier than disposable ones, the same must be true for cloth nappies compared to disposable ones.

I’ve always been interested in cloth nappies too and have been using a lovely cloth swim nappy for my kids for ages and cloth potty training pants for my eldest too. I’ve also been using reusable wipes for hands and faces for years and cloth breast pads too. I just didn’t think I could do cloth nappies as I imagined they needed lots of extra work and washing. They do need more washing than regular nappies (of course!) but using cloth nappies is definitely more fun!Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies | #ClothNappyMonday A Mum Reviews

In December last year, I was sent a couple of Totsbots Easyfit Star nappies to review and that’s what made me realise I could probably go cloth nearly full-time. I used the couple I had on and off and really enjoyed them and when the weather got summery, I took the plunge and bought some more cloth nappies to build a decent stash. Buying a Totsbots Bargain Bucket meant that I built my stash really quickly with lots of Easyfit Star AIO nappies that I love and I’ve also bought a few other brands and types just to see what’s out there.

Other brands that I’ve bought are: Bambino Mio, FuzziBunz and Little Lamb. I also won a gorgeous pocket nappy from Baba+Boo that I’m loving!

The main reason that I started using cloth is that I was sick of all the waste nappies create and tired of the plastic and chemicals. Plus, cloth nappies are cute very cute! As a design nerd, I love the fun and wide range of prints available. I’m already addicted and I’m only a couple of months in, if that.

Summertime is definitely a good time to try cloth as washing anything is much easier in the summer even in the UK with very fluctuating weather! We’ve had a really hot, sunny and dry summer so far and it’s making using cloth nappies quite easy. I’m getting ready for the cold and wet winter months too though and am pretty sure I’ve made a permanent switch.Why I Started Using Cloth Nappies | #ClothNappyMonday A Mum Reviews

To celebrate this and to make myself write more about it, I’ve started a new blog series today with this post and I’m going to call it Cloth Nappy Monday (#ClothNappyMonday) and the aim is to share a cloth nappy related post here on the blog each Monday. It will be a mix of my experience, reviews, comparisons, tips and anything else cloth nappy related to document my cloth nappy journey and experiences using different brands, types and techniques. I’ve got so much I want to write about!

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